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ERAPSCO STS International

Ultra Electronics USSI manufactures US Navy qualified sonobuoys for ITAR approved International customers as Sonobuoy TechSystems (STS). With 60 years of quality design and production experience, STS can reliably deliver DIFAR 53E, 53F, 53G, 53G (GPS), DICASS 62E, 62F, 62F (GPS), BT 36B and MK-84 SUS sonobuoys. Please visit SonobuoyTechSystems.com for specific details.


Ultra Electronics USSI develops and manufactures all major variants of U.S. Navy sonobuoys and related products, including hydrophones, projectors, data links, signal processing and signal processors. USSI production sonobuoys provide best in-class performance and feature high reliability, low power consumption, low weight and small package size at a competitive cost. As the world leaders of advanced sonobuoy products and technology for the U.S. Navy, USSI not only engineers and manufactures sonobuoys intended for fleet operations use, but also uniquely modified sonobuoy products for special mission and research needs. As a trusted partner of the U.S. Navy, USSI fosters small business relationships through the Navy SBIR program.

Advanced Transducers

Ultra Electronics USSI designs, manufactures, and tests advanced transducers for a variety of passive and active sonar applications. Sources and receivers configured as stand-alone transducers or arrays are routinely developed for the U.S. Navy and employ various transduction methodologies (i.e., piezoelectric, electro-dynamic, etc.). USSI specializes in low-cost, high-performance transducers that are well-suited for size, weight, and power constrained environments. Areas of specialization include flexural disk projectors, vector sensors, and ultra-low noise hydrophones as well as the signal conditioning electronics that accompany them. Advanced transduction materials such as textured ceramic and single crystal are used for piezoelectric transducers and rare earth magnets for electro-dynamic devices. USSI is equally capable of developing/producing transducers from build-to-specification or build-to-print requirements. USSI holds ownership to numerous test facilities to evaluate their performance including a fully-instrumented, 60 m (200 ft) deep flooded quarry.

Sensing Systems

Ultra Electronics USSI designs, manufactures, and tests sensing systems for a variety of passive and active sonar applications. USSI technology is well-suited to develop components/subsystems that are part of a larger system or an entire, stand-alone, turn-key system. Common features that are resident in USSI sensing systems include high-performance transducers that are coupled to embedded electronics that perform signal conditioning, data acquisition, signal processing, contact report generation, and data exfiltration. Areas of specialization include size, weight, and power constrained applications that involve moored, drifting, or vehicle-based surveillance systems that operate over the audible frequency range. USSI is capable of developing/producing sensing systems from build-to-specification or build-to-print requirements and contains numerous test facilities to evaluate their performance including a fully-instrumented, 60 m (200 ft) deep flooded quarry.

Flightline Systems

Ultra Electronics USSI- Flightline Systems delivers world-class receiver systems supporting a variety of Helicopters, Maritime Patrol Aircraft, Surface Combatants and Laboratory systems. Our industry-leading Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) receivers are a critical radio frequency interface component for transmission and reception of A-size sonobuoy signals. Flightline Systems persistently builds upon its 30 years of experience gained with existing analog systems, new digital ASW receiver developments, and technology advances in instrumentation and life cycle support to push performance and functionality envelopes for these highly sophisticated ASW receivers.


Ultra Electronics – USSI manufactures Hyperspike® emergency notification and paging solutions that exceed the highest standards of the life safety market. During times of crisis, reliable and crystal-clear voice notification is critical. HyperSpike® delivers best-in-class voice intelligibility, powerful acoustic output, and industry-leading technology that save lives.

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Ultra Electronics USSI is an industry leader in the design, development, and production of advanced electronics, acoustics, and integrated sensor systems. Since its inception, USSI has grown rapidly to expand its expertise. Visit the links below to learn more about our business areas.