Carlos Santiago BA JD

Carlos Santiago brings an extensive record of leading businesses to improved financial performance combined with sustained growth through adjacent market entries and strategic acquisitions. His responsibilities have spanned defence and commercial markets worldwide. His business acumen and wide experience allow him to guide the Group toward efficient strategic based decisions ensuring competitive positioning and strong financial performance.

After earning a J.D. from State University of New York Buffalo and passing the New York bar in 1981, Carlos began what became a long-term career in the defence industry. He worked with Harris RF Communications then Rospatch Electronic Defense Systems in Rochester, New York , holding positions in Contracts, Programme Management, Operations and Marketing. He was part of a 1992 management buy-out of Rospatch ESD resulting in the creation of Flightline Electronics Inc., which specialised in ASW telemetry receivers. Subsequently, Flightline was acquired by Ultra Electronics in 1997. Under Ultra ownership, Carlos served as President of Flightline before being promoted to Division President, Naval Systems in 2009 where he oversaw eight companies in four countries. He was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in August 2014.