Undersea warfare


Ultra’s advanced underwater systems, including anti-submarine warfare (ASW) torpedos, are developed to overcome the unique challenges of the undersea environment. The innovative solutions deliver dominance in the underwater battlespace, providing a critical operational advantage to its customers.

Undersea warfare products and systems



The MK 48 torpedo is a heavyweight acoustic-homing torpedo with sophisticated sonar, all-digital guidance-and-control systems, digital fusing systems, and propulsion improvements, used by all classes of submarines as their anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASuW) weapon. Under several current programs, Ultra is providing the acoustic nose array assembly.



The MK54 MOD 0 LWT is primarily an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) torpedo in littoral scenarios. It can be deployed by surface ships, fixed or rotary winged aircraft, missiles, and specially equipped unmanned vehicles. Utilizing the MK 50 sonar, the MK 46 warhead and afterbody, and MK 48 algorithms with advanced commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) electronics, the MK54 LWT provides critical performance and capability in the most challenging littoral scenarios. The MK 54 MOD 0 Array Kit program supports the development, production, and deployment of the Nose section of the torpedo, consisting of a sonar array, sonar section shell, receiver (also known as the forward array interface (FAI), transmitter and transmitter mounting hardware.

Common Very Lightweight Torpedo (CVLWT)


CVLWT is a small multi mission capable torpedo weapon. It requires broadband high power sonar in a compact, energy efficient package to yield a vehicle that can overwhelm enemy homing sonars and have enough range to lead hostile torpedoes away from their targets.

The CVLWT is the transformational weapon needed for Autonomous Distributed Netted Sensor ASW and Torpedo Defense. Ultra is committed to leading the defense industry as the USN demands these new capabilities.