Ultra receives over $21m US Navy contracts...

15 MAY 2014

Ultra Electronics announces that its 3 Phoenix business (3Pi) has been awarded three contracts totalling over US$21m from the US Navy.  

The scope of these contracts includes work packages for torpedo warning systems (“TWS”), submarine towed anti-submarine warfare arrays and radar command and control software.  

  • The TWS contract is for the procurement of engineering services for the development, integration, testing and logistic support of a torpedo warning system. TWS provides surface ships with the ability to detect threat torpedoes and thereby employ defensive measures including manoeuvre and hard and soft kill countermeasures.
  • The second contract is for the procurement of two TB-29A Inverted Passive Electrical Network (“iPEN”) towed array units, along with associated spares and test equipment. iPEN telemetry acts as a data fusion point for the integration of towed array handling system sensor data. This technology is expected to provide significant improvement in reliability and operational availability of TB-29A towed arrays, which are used by submarines for target detection.  
  • The final contract is for the procurement of the Block IV Virginia class submarine radar command and control software. This updated radar software will reduce operator workload by providing ship safety navigation functionality and rapid situational awareness and evaluation.  

Additionally, the US Navy’s NAVSEA Command has recognised Ultra 3Pi by awarding the Team Excellence Award for its role as prime contractor for the TWS and as a key member of the joint government/industry Surface Ship Torpedo Defense (SSTD) Team. The SSTD Team overcame financial and programmatic barriers to meet the Chief of Naval Operation’s requirement to deliver a rapid prototype torpedo defence capability on to a deploying aircraft carrier in less than 2 years.  

Rakesh Sharma, Chief Executive of Ultra, commented: 
“I am pleased we have secured these important contracts. It is a reflection of the importance of the “pivot to the Pacific” spoken about by the US Navy. Furthermore I am delighted that the hard work and dedication of the whole team has been recognised by the receipt of the prestigious team excellence award from NAVSEA.”  


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