Ultra receives GD Electric Boat contract...

23 JUNE 2014

Ultra announces that its EMS Development Corporation business (EMS), located in Long Island, New York, USA has been awarded a multi-year contract totalling over US$21m from General Dynamics Electric Boat Corporation.

The contract is for the production of naval computer controlled power supply systems (Circuit-D) with deliveries over the next five years. The Circuit-D system was first designed by EMS in 1997 for the new Virginia Class Submarine programme and is considered a critical electronic system for the platform.

Ultra is a recognised technical leader in undersea defence and electronics equipment and systems. The Group is a world leader in shipboard power conversion equipment for submarines and surface ships and has designed, manufactured and delivered hundreds of systems to navies worldwide including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Spain, and Korea.

Rakesh Sharma, Chief Executive of Ultra, commented:
“I am pleased that we have secured this important contract which recognises Ultra's specialist power management systems and supports a key US Navy submarine programme. The priority the programme receives is a reflection of the importance of the "pivot to the Pacific" spoken about by the US Navy."

Rakesh Sharma, Chief Executive 
Mary Waldner, Group Finance Director
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Susan Ellis, Corporate Affairs Adviser 
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