Ultra awarded strategic supply arrangement by Atlas Elektronik Canada

07 MAY 2014

Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems Inc. (Ultra) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a multi-year contract from Atlas Elektronik Canada Ltd for the supply of critical sonar technology. Under the contract, Ultra will deliver high power, low frequency acoustic projectors for integration into Atlas’ advanced low frequency active sonars that are being sold to several navies around the world.

Ken Walker, President of Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems, commented: “To be selected by Atlas, a world leader in advanced sonar systems, is a testament to the quality, reliability and high performance of our sonar technology.”

Rick Gerbrecht, President and CEO of Atlas Elektronik Canada, stated: “We are very pleased to establish this substantive partnership with such a first rate Canadian supplier as Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems. Furthermore, the introduction of Ultra into Atlas’ global supply chain signifies our commitment to perform more high quality work in Canada as we grow our business with Canadian customers.”

Atlas Elektronik Canada has placed initial orders with Ultra valued at $1M (CDN) against the contract.


Atlas Elektronik Canada, located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, is a subsidiary of the Atlas Elektronik Group, a global supplier of naval combat systems and unmanned vehicles for anti-submarine warfare, mine warfare, communications, torpedo defence, and submarine operations.


Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems Inc. (Ultra) is an international leader in the development of equipment and systems for undersea surveillance and anti-submarine warfare (ASW). Established in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1947, Ultra delivers sophisticated sonar systems to navies around the world including Multi-static Active Passive Sonar for the Dutch Navy, Integrated Sonar Suite for the Royal Australian Navy, and the Surface Ship Torpedo Defence System for the Royal Navy. Ultra provides unique engineering, development, manufacturing, test, evaluation, and management capabilities to develop and deliver advanced electronic, electromechanical, and underwater sensor systems for military applications.

Dan Simard, Sales and Marketing Director