Ultra awarded Royal Navy Sonar contract

08 DECEMBER 2014

Ultra Electronics announces that its Sonar Systems business, based in Greenford, Middlesex, has been awarded a £27m contract for the Royal Navy’s Sonar 2050 Technology Refresh (S2050TR) Programme.

Under this contract, which will be executed over the next 10 years, the Group will deliver and support new hull mounted sonars for the Royal Navy’s eight Type-23 frigates. The S2050 Technology Refresh programme will deliver, to the Royal Navy, a world-leading sonar capability providing persistent surveillance against submarine and torpedo threats, at a significantly lower through-life cost. Ultra’s capability in sonar leverages technologies from a number of recent overseas wins. The Group is able to offer this advanced system as a low risk solution to the Royal Navy.

Ultra’s sonar capability incorporates a number of world leading solutions, which will help satisfy the growing global market.

Rakesh Sharma, Chief Executive of Ultra commented:
“I am very pleased that Ultra has been awarded the Sonar 2050 Technology Refresh contract. This is a significant opportunity and it demonstrates Ultra's continuing ability to supply and support cutting edge sonar systems to the Royal Navy. We look forward to working with the DE&S team on this programme.”

Rakesh Sharma, Chief Executive 
Mary Waldner, Group Finance Director
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