Ultra awarded $18m contract for an integrated security system

20 JUNE 2017

Ultra Electronics will deliver a major surveillance and security system valued at $18 million (USD) over the next 26 months. It is also planned for the Group’s Communications & Integrated Systems business (CIS) to provide five years of specialist support over the course of the system’s use. Due to security considerations, no further information can be provided in relation to this award.

Rakesh Sharma, Chief Executive of Ultra stated: “I am pleased we have signed this agreement which recognises Ultra’s position in the supply of surveillance and security systems to an international customer. Our wide portfolio of capabilities was key to securing the initial contract and we are delighted by the agreement to provide long-term support for the programme.”.

Rakesh Sharma, Chief Executive 
020 8813 4307

Susan McErlain, Corporate Affairs Director 
07836 522 722

James White, MHP Communications 
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