EMI/RFI Filtering: Shielded Rooms

FILTRON products were first designed and built in 1946 to address the growing demand for devices offering protection against electromagnetic interference produced by radar, computers, radio transmitters and receivers, as well as by motors, generators, and switches. Applications for these filters are found in many commercial and private test laboratories, and at the secure room installations in military and diplomatic facilities. All FILTRON products are made in America at the facilities of Ultra EMS Development Corporation. Additional Shielded/Secure room filters that have been designed and developed by EMS and the RFI Corporation are an important part of the RFI Specialty Components program. Examples include a telephone line filter that is available in multi circuit assemblies, and a power line filter which is designed to be direct-mounted through the wall of a shielded room or cabinet.

Additional information on these and other products is available in the RFI Specialty Components Programs general catalog, or by contacting the factory.