EMI/RFI Filtering: Custom and Rectangular

The RFI SPECIALTY COMPONENTS program from EMS has the capability of designing and manufacturing EMI/ RFI filters in virtually any shape and size. Most filters in this “Rectangular” category are the result of an open exchange of technical details between EMS and the end-user. While rectangular-shaped packaging is the more common, we accept the challenge to accommodate an application’s unique requirements for size, weight, shape, termination, or mounting without compromising performance.

Popular applications include power and signal filtering for defense and aerospace equipment, for radar, for communication, for shielded and secure rooms, and others.

Information about FILTRON Powerline shielded room filters is available by contacting the factory or your local representative.

For applications that may involve Transient Voltages or Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) technical information that is specific to these applications are also available.