Soldier Portable Controls

Leveraging our expertise in both Human Factors Engineering and traditional hand controls, MSI's most recent development projects focus on the dismounted soldier. The warfighter today has to be ready to take immediate and appropriate action at the tactical edge and he or she requires the control systems to interface effectively with the brigade as well as individual mission assets whether those are manned or unmanned vehicles, weapon systems, ISR or SA systems including UAVs and unattended sensors as well as networked communications.

Recognizing the need for lightweight, soldier portable controls that concentrate functionality and asset accessibility into the warfighter's hands, MSI introduced the first fully ruggedized game-style controller in 2004. By leveraging a familiar form factor for today's soldiers, MSI was able to militarize a control system that reduced training time and has become an ideal controller for the teleoperation of everything from UAVs and UGVs to payloads on border security systems.

The Freedom of Movement Control Unit, FMCU™

FMCU with LCDFMCUThe FMCU™, Freedom of Movement Control Unit, has become the preferred hand-held control system for the Army and Marines with deployment on platforms including Fire Scout, Gladiator and GBOSS. With its modular LCD, the FMCU provides the versatility many platforms demand and offers a solution to the problems and complaints associated with heads up displays. This lightweight controller is fully customizable and programmable providing the greatest concentration of HMI that MSI currently offers. Never before has so much control been packed into such a tight package. For more information on the FMCU, please download the brochure to your right or contact us.


The Tactical Edge Controller

With the popularity of tablets for military use, it was a nTactical Edge Controlleratural fit for MSI to take that form factor with the touch screen functionality it provides then integrate it with HMI to provide a true portable command and control unit. The Tactical Edge Controller offers portable battle command that is platform agnostic supporting full networked operations by integrating communications, ISR and control of mission assets including UAVs, UGVs, unattended sensors and teleoperation of vehicle and weapon systems. All of this is accomplished through secure, networked communications links. For more information on the Tactical Edge Controller, please download the Soldier Portable Control Solutions brochure to your right or contact us.


Single Hand Controller TM (SHC)

Ultra Electronics Measurement Systems Inc. (MSI) Single Hand Controller brings new levels of performance and operation to the soldier in the field.  The SHC is compact and light weight requiring only one hand for operation.  A unique ambidextrous design further reduces operator work load.  The SHC contains high reliability switches and joystick in a rugged sealed enclosure capable of operation in any environment.  USB 2.0 interface ensures compatibility with both COTS and Military operating systems.    Programmable Joystick, wide selection of switch functions and available LED indicators simplify platform integration.  

The Single Hand Controller is an ideal control solution for UAVs, UGVs, USVs, unattended sensors, and weapon systems.