Electromagnetic Systems


The EMS Development Corporation designs and produces electromagnetic and electrical systems and equipment for demanding applications in the harshest environments. 

About EMS

The EMS Development Corporation Inc. (EMS) was founded in 1972 by a group of top experts in the field of electromagnetic systems upon the exit of Fairchild Hiller’s Republic Aviation division from the market for degaussing controls. The new company went on to enjoy success by continually developing innovative electromagnetic equipment for the US and its Allied navies. In 1997 EMS became part of the Ultra Group, a public company that is traded on the London Stock Exchange. EMS expanded in 2012 with the acquisition of the RFI Corporation, then again in 2014 with the additions of Ultra MSI and Ultra DNE. Today EMS designs and builds custom magnetic and electric field countermeasures for naval mine warfare, sensor design, and power conversion. The majority of ships of the largest fleet in the world, the US Navy, now have EMS systems on board.

FACILITIES: Ultra EMS operates two facilities: the main operation is in Yaphank, New York, with 67000 square feet, and a satellite facility that is in Wallingford Connecticut, with 45000 square feet. Both facilities are certified to AS9100 revision D/ISO 9001:2015.

ORGANIZATION: EMS is part of The Ultra Group, which enjoys more than $1 Billion in annual sales through its subsidiary companies organized into Strategic Business Units (SBUs), with EMS in the Maritime SBU. EMS itself is organized along product lines, with the Yaphank facility responsible for EMS systems and RFI components, and the Wallingford facility responsible for the MSI and DNE devices. Furthermore, each product line has its own specific sales organization and sales policies in order to best serve the clients in their respective markets.

SPECIAL SECURITY AGREEMENT: Because of the sensitive nature of its work with classified or controlled unclassified information, Ultra EMS operates under a Special Security Agreement (SSA) with the US Department of State, and reports to a special board, the Government Security Committee, made up of cleared officers and directors. This arrangement ensures compliance to all US security requirements.

Additional information about MSI, DNE, and RFI products is available elsewhere on this website.