EMI filters and HV capacitors


RFI SPECIALTY COMPONENTS is the passive components program of Ultra EMS Development Corporation.

About RFI Specialty Components

 RFI Specialty Components is composed of all the brands of filters and capacitors of the former RFI Corporation (RFI) at the time of its acquisition in 2012.   RFI began operations in 1961 as R.F. Interonics, using the first initials of its founders Fred Rubin and Mervin First.  They were engineers who were already very experienced in the design of EMI/RFI filters for harsh environments. Their designs of EMI/RFI filters and capacitors were widely preferred for aerospace, defense, and space applications, and later also for medical and industrial equipment.  As the company grew it added to its capabilities and products through acquisitions of respected brands of components, including Sprague filters, Stanley Capacitors, and the Filtron Company.  EMS continues to invest and expand these product ranges. As a consequence, RFI Specialty Components can be counted on by customers to come up with the right solution for many applications with challenging electrical and environmental requirements.

Today all RFI Specialty Components are designed and built in the USA at the facilities of EMS Development Corporation in Yaphank New York.