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With over 30 years of combat proven experience in battlespace management, C4ISR and tactical data link solutions – we understand the complexity of introducing multi-domain data link capabilities, including Link 11/16/22 and ELINT/Sensor correlation, into an operational theater.  Our services group comprised of experienced operators and technicians embrace Ultra’s core values that always put the warfighter first, do what’s right, execute with passion and meet our commitments enabling Ultra to deliver superior training, integration and solutions across the spectrum of land, sea and air.  Ultra delivers best of class solutions that help the warfighter integrate, share and act on time-critical information.


Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI)

Tactical data link and C2 software built for users 

Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI)® operators will recognize how we have implemented their recommendations in the next generation of ADSI® software, Version 15. The user interface is easy to use, intuitive and more responsive. 

Download the ADSI datasheet 

Operational advantages allow warfighters to:

  • Create, change or delete data links on-the-fly without bringing the ADSI system down
  • Support up to 32 data link interfaces and 16,000 tracks
  • Send engagement orders and mission assignments using the TacViewC2™ real-time display
  • View the data link network architecture graphically to see architecture problems immediately and make changes easily
  • Quickly initialize a MIDS terminal and enter the network using the MIDS Control Wizard
  • Monitor and manage all your data links and control the system, all from one easy-to-read System Manager window
  • Minimize your data link architecture for a cleaner SA picture by using TacViewC2 and V15 hand-in-hand; with TacViewC2 software you can distribute Situational Awareness in real time and not have to add gateways to your architecture and increase the size of your OPTASKLINK
  • Manage tracks using TacViewC2’s leading-edge display, enhanced 3D visualization
Virtual ADSI (vADSI)

Virtual ADSI (vADSI) allows for the robust capabilities for data link forwarding,  command and control and situational awareness that comes with the ADSI without the constraints of utilizing specific hardware.

Download the Virtual ADSI datasheet 


Ultra’s TacViewC2™ software sets a new standard for mission-oriented, real-time tactical displays, providing flexibility and customisation. Using a highly-optimised interface, the TacViewC2™ software displays thousands of tracks simultaneously, with the real-time responsiveness needed to visualise the battlefield.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Digital Air Control 
  • Simultaneous 3D and 2D map
  • Multiple track hook readouts
  • Customizable watch lists
  • Record/playback
  • Overlays for monitoring critical areas
  • Web Map Service (WPS)
  • Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)

Download the TacViewC2 datasheet 

Advanced Correlation and Tracking System (ACTS)

Ultra’s Advanced Correlation and Tracking System™ (ACTS) combines ease-of-use, seamless sensor integration and high-performance real-time tracking to provide mission-critical reliable, synchronized management of information on the battlefield. The ACTS open architecture provides a wide variety of sensor interfaces and, combined with a data link processor, manages tactical information from multiple inputs. ACTS is capable of handling complex tracking environments and provides unsurpassed track completeness, clarity and accuracy, delivered in real time.

Combined with a data link processor, this robust solution receives , forwards and displays tactical information from multiple inputs. 

Download the ACTS datasheet

Some of the benefits are:

  • Real-time information
    Provides time-critical operational track data
  • Single Integrated Picture (SIP)
    Integrates a wide varity of mobile and fixed sensors into a unified tactical picture.
  • Tracking clarity
    Achieves exceptional track picture clarity in the most challenging environments
  • Ease of use
    Adapts easily to multiple mission configurations 
JICC Extended Trainer (JET)

The Joint Interface Control Cell (JICC) Extended Trainer (JET) solution is an integrated suite of training and simulation tools for training Joint Interface Control Officers (JICOs) and their teams, providing an avenue to not only train but also test, diagnose and rehearse real-time scenarios without interruption to ongoing operations. JET is the only complete Tactical Data Link (TDL) JICO training and validation package available in today’s marketplace. 

Implementing the tools our JICC warfighters use in the field today:  C2Core®, ASCOT, ARMS, TOES, ADSI® and TacViewC2™, JET combines the best-of-breed products from our valued partners, Plexsys Interface Solutions and Polaris Alpha, a Parsons Company, in a single system, full-spectrum training and test & evaluation package. 


Ultra has a dedicated Customer Support group, comprised of Field Services Engineers (FSE) who are subject matter experts in tactical data links and a wide variety of networking equipment that support the datalink environment. Ultra's FSEs assist customers with installation and on-site testing of new and upgraded systems at customer locations throughout the world and continue that support through a technical support phone line, e-mail support and a complete training program.

24x7 Support

Ultra FSEs are on-call and on-line 24 hours every day to help troubleshoot and ensure your systems remain up and operational. Our FSEs are knowledgeable in all of our products and can often resolve problems quickly on the first call. Software Trouble Reports can also be submitted via email.


Ultra offers training courses for operators and maintenance personnel. Utilizing instructor-led, computer-based simulations and hands-on simulation exercises, students learn all aspects of operation and configuration of hardware and software. Basic courses are one week in duration, but their modular design permits them to be tailored to meet customers’ needs. Training is conducted at the Ultra facility in Austin or at customer sites and other locations worldwide and can be scheduled to meet customer scheduling needs.

Hardware and software support

Ultra offers options to provide spare parts and software support for products delivered. Ultra FSEs respond quickly to customer requests for technical support, spare parts, or on-site assistance in upgrading or maintaining their systems.

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