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What we do

Ultra Electronics, Advanced Tactical Systems specializes in designing, manufacturing and supporting tactical command and control systems, subsystems and products for defense and homeland security applications worldwide. 

Mission statement

We deliver solutions that help warfighters integrate, share and act on time-critical information.


Focused on providing our tactical data link capability on airborne platforms world-wide.  Grown from the US Navy P-3 program, now supporting Triton MQ-4C, Firescout MQ-8C, P-8A and international coalition partners.  Our users take advantage from a common software baseline across all deployments, cost sharing and commonality, that has a pedigree of numerous certifications with the US Navy and joint assessing authorities.  Ultra's airborne product offering ranges from software only, software for legacy hardware to software within airborne qualified multi-form hardware. 


With over 30 years of combat proven experience in battlespace management, C4ISR and tactical data link solutions – we understand the complexity of introducing multi-domain data link capabilities, including Link 11/16/22 and ELINT/Sensor correlation, into an operational theater.  Our services group comprised of experienced operators and technicians embrace Ultra’s core values that always put the warfighter first, do what’s right, execute with passion and meet our commitments enabling Ultra to deliver superior training, integration and solutions across the spectrum of land, sea and air.  Ultra delivers best of class solutions that help the warfighter integrate, share and act on time-critical information.


Ultra Electronics developed Multi-Data Link Management System is the world's premier naval tactical data link processor and along with its powerful adjunct processor engine, it is a major element in sea-based connectivity for the United States' Ballistic Defense System. 
With decades of maritime experience, our solutions have been fielded, certified and combat proven under the most demanding situations.  Highly customizable and easily integrated into legacy model 4 (M series) and model 5 (N series/Link 16) based combat management systems. Ultra provides solutions to ensure maritime battlespace dominance.