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About us 

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Ultra develops, delivers and supports real-time, network-centric command, control and interoperability solutions for the warfighter in a multi-domain environment. A leader for over 30 years in Battlespace Management and tactical data link solutions—Ultra understands the complexities of introducing full data link capabilities, including Link 16, Link 11 and Link 22, into an operational theater. Ultra’s solutions allow the warfighter visualization of the operational battlespace and command and control on actionable information from managed data link networks. You can find Ultra products and services on aircraft, ships, submarines, land vehicles and in air operations centers and other key locations throughout the world. As the primary data forwarding system between tactical networks, Ultra systems and personnel have supported every major conflict since our founding in 1987 with fielded products in 20 foreign countries. 

Our employees specialize in real-time C5ISR systems and solutions. Ultra employs cyber, software, data science, radar, electrical, mechanical and systems engineers, field support engineers and manufacturing technicians—all dedicated to the development and integration of Battlespace Management and tactical data link processing systems. Ultra specializes in maximizing the use of standard interfaces and open architecture designs to minimize the cost and impact to new and existing platforms, offering a broad portfolio of tactical solutions to enable network connectivity throughout the battle space.

Ultra performs system-level integration efforts for air, land and surface platforms and Ultra products are integrated into many Department of Defense platforms and Programs of Record, including the U.S. Marine Corp Common Air Command and Control System (CAC2S), U.S. Air Force Combined Air Operations Centers, U.S. Navy Common Data Link Management System Adjunct Processor, U.S. Army Air Defense Airspace Management (ADAM) Cell, the U.S. Navy maritime patrol aircraft, and the USS Independence Littoral Combat Ship among others. 

Mission statement:

 We deliver solutions that help warfighters integrate, share and act on time-critical information.