Board & Sub-committees Terms of Reference
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Board & Sub-committees
Terms of Reference 

Terms of Reference for Main Board

Board Committees

Ultra has established three Committees of the Board being: the Audit; Remuneration; and Nominations Committees, to which certain key responsibilities have been delegated. The responsibilities of each Committee are in line with the recommendations of the UK Corporate Governance Code. The membership of the Audit and Remuneration Committees comprises the three independent Non-Executive Directors – Sir Robert Walmsley, Martin Broadhurst, and John Hirst with Sir Robert Walmsley as Senior Independent Director. John Hirst holds the position of Chairman of the Audit Committee and Martin Broadhurst as Chairman of the Remuneration Committee. The membership of the Nominations Committee comprises the three independent Non-Executive Directors and Douglas Caster, with Douglas Caster as Chairman of the Committee. 

To view the detailed terms of reference of each Committee please click on the relevant link below.

Terms of Reference for Audit Committee

Terms of Reference for Remuneration Committee

Terms of Reference for Nominations Committee

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