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Underwater warfare
3 Phoenix Inc.

14585 Avion Parkway #200
Virginia 20151

Tel: +1 703 956 6480
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3 Phoenix Inc is a leading supplier of specialist sonar, radar, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance products and solutions, with a track record of delivering critical real-time sensor and processing systems.


9715 Key West Avenue
Suite 500
Maryland 20850

Tel: +1 301 670 6779
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3eTI is a leading cyber-technology company with products and systems that secure critical infrastructure and improve operational efficiency. 3eTI helps preserve operational investments through advanced M2M security, secure wireless networks and sensor network applications, leveraging new and legacy systems while complying with highest government and industry standards.

Advanced Tactical Systems

4101 Smith School Road
Building IV, Suite 100
Texas 78744

Tel: +1 512 327 6795
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Advanced Tactical Systems is a leading supplier of tactical command and control systems, communication gateways, data fusion and display systems. It also provides software based applications that deliver enhanced situational awareness in military command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems.

Airport Systems

The Oaks
Crewe Road
Manchester M23 9SS

Tel: +44 (0) 161 946 3600
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Airport Systems provides IT services and solutions for airlines and airports including: master systems integration; common use check-in; local departure control; weight & balance management systems; central database; flight information; management information; passenger bag matching; resource management; data acquisition and control.

Avalon Systems

12 Douglas Drive
Technology Park
Mawson Lakes
South Australia 5095

Tel: +61 (0) 8 8169 1200
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Avalon Systems specialises in the field of Electronic Warfare (EW), undertaking the design and manufacture of EW subsystems and providing engineering consultancy services and through-life support.

Command & Sonar Systems

Knaves Beech Business Centre
High Wycombe
Buckinghamshire HP10 9UT

Tel: +44 (0) 1628 530000
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Command & Sonar Systems operates in the Maritime, Land, Underwater Warfare and C2ISR market segments. In the Maritime segment, products and capabilities include naval ship modernisation, EO Tracking and Fire Control Systems, Surface Ship Combat Management Systems, naval data distribution systems, Graytronics RIB intercoms, servo control systems, TV cameras and submarine weapon fire control. In the Underwater warfare market segment it leads in the design and development of integrated naval sonar systems (ISS); torpedo defence systems and countermeasures; mine disposal systems; submarine communication systems and sensor to display distributed anti-submarine warfare systems, including multi-static active (MSA) technologies. In the C2ISR market segment, solutions include Deployable Air C2 and Maritime and Border security solutions. In the Land segment, products and capabilities include vision systems and turret servo control for AFVs. The business operates primarily at Tier 2 and Tier 3 and also offers comprehensive support services for all of the above products and systems, supporting own and third party equipment worldwide.

Communication & Integrated Systems

419 Bridport Road
Middlesex UB6 8UA

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8813 456
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Communication & Integrated Systems is a key supplier of communications and security solutions to both defence and commercial markets. Key capabilities include:

  • Data security – tactical and network encryption accredited to the highest standards, hardware security modules and key management and distribution.
  • EW simulation and test
  • Military communications & ISTAR – airborne surveillance and targeting, tactical, video and C2 data links, deployed communications networks and satcom terminals.
  • Surveillance & security – border, port and harbour security, CNI protection, covert surveillance and recording systems.
  • Commercial communications – telemetry and RF mesh networking, flexible voice and data routing and fixed, mobile and transportable satcom terminals.

Communication & Integrated Systems comprises AEP, EWST, GigaSat, Surveillance & Security Systems and Wood & Douglas.

EMS Development Corp.

95 Horseblock Road, Unit 2
New York 11980

Tel: +1 631 345 6200
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EMS Development Corporation is an established supplier of specialist power supplies and degaussing systems for the electromagnetic silencing of naval vessels. It also provides transformer rectifier units, high voltage power conversion sub-systems and a wide variety of magnetic and power components. It also provides specialist military and civil human-machine interface (HMI) solutions, including: displacement and force joysticks; hand grip controls; trackballs; encoders and simulation equipment; cockpit equipment.

Flightline Systems

7625 Omnitech Place
New York 14564-9795

Tel: +1 585 924 4000
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Flightline Systems provides advanced ASW sonobuoy telemetry receivers for maritime patrol aircraft and helicopters; AuRACLE digital engine power management systems; Checkpoint® intelligent engine monitoring system; mechanical gyroscopes; specialist military test equipment solutions for aircraft fuel systems; Mil-Std 1553 databus; EMC filter and sonobuoys.

Forensic Technology inc.

5757 Cavendish Blvd.
Cote St-Luc,
QC H4W 2W8,

Tel: +1 514 4894 247
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Forensic Technology provides automated firearm ballistics identification and forensic analysis systems for the criminal justice and border security communities. A world leader in its field, the Company works with hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the globe, providing cost-effective and sustainable solutions.


10 Sonar Drive
Massachusetts 01801

Tel: +1 781 729 9450
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Herley is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and support of advanced integrated RF subsystems and components for high performance Electronic Warfare, Radar and Communications systems; flight test and instrumentation systems and subsystems; and multi-spectral Electronic Warfare, Electronic Countermeasure and Radar Target simulation systems.

Maritime Systems

40 Atlantic Street
Nova Scotia B2Y 4N2

Tel: +1 902 466 7491
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Maritime Systems is a world leader in the development and manufacture of solutions for undersea surveillance including: passive sonobuoys; bathythermal buoys; towed array sonars; high power sonar transducers. It also supplies magneto inductive communication and signalling for military, government and commercial applications.

Nuclear Control Systems

Innovation House
Lancaster Road
Ferndown Industrial Estate
Dorset BH21 7SQ

Tel: +44 (0) 1202 850450
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Nuclear Control Systems provides a full suite of capabilities to the nuclear industry including: high integrity reactor instrumentation and control; life extensions and upgrades; nuclear emergency management systems; radiation monitoring solutions.

Nuclear Sensors & Process Instrumentation

707 Jeffrey Way
P.O. Box 300
Round Rock
Texas 78680-0300

Tel: +1 512 434 2800
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Nuclear Sensors & Process Instrumentation designs and manufactures high integrity instrumentation for the civil nuclear and other industries, specialising in: temperature and pressure sensors; fibre-optic converters; switches.

Ocean Phoenix Systems

115 Bay State Drive
Massachusetts 02184-5203

Tel: +1 781 848 3400
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Ocean Phoenix Systems is a leader in the design, development, manufacture and support of undersea defence electronics equipment including: submarine communications; acoustic countermeasures; torpedo defence, anti-submarine warfare (ASW); transducers and special purpose arrays.


Towers Business Park
Wheelhouse Road
Staffordshire WS15 1UZ

Tel: +44 (0) 1889 503300
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PMES provides innovative high technology power solutions including: solid state power conversion and control equipment; naval data processing and distribution systems; transit system power conversion and control; multi-influence measurement and control systems for the management of naval vessels signatures; magnetic and electric field sensors.

Precision Control Systems

Arle Court
GL51 6PN

Tel: +44 (0) 1242 221166
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Precision Control Systems (PCS) is a provider of high integrity control products for aerospace, military vehicle and soldier applications. Aerospace solutions include: position sensing and control; airframe ice protection systems; active noise and vibration control; propeller balance monitoring systems; cockpit controls such as joysticks, throttles, selector handles and switches; lighting systems; high pressure pure air generators for sensor cooling and for pneumatic ejection of aircraft munitions; ruggedized cable harnesses and ground service panels. For fighting vehicles and dismounted soldiers Ultra PCS provides generic architectures, data management and local situational awareness systems.


9400 Innovation Drive
Virginia 20110

Tel: +1 703 335 6986
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ProLogic provides mission critical enterprise IT, tactical data and intelligence processing systems. In addition it delivers innovative, integrated, COTS-based mission-oriented solutions providing integrated communication analysis and physical security solutions. Its capabilities include: information sharing; cyber security; cryptographic key management and distribution; sensor collection planning, Cloud computing; content management and social media privacy products; voice-print analysis, integrated surveillance, end-to-end communication analysis; turnkey communications surveillance systems, integrating proprietary and COTS data analytic tools to manage large volumes of data from mobile, fixed line and broadband networks.


5990 Côte de Liesse
Montreal, Québec
H4T 1V7

Tel: +1 514 855 6363
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TCS designs and manufactures high capacity, multi-channel line-of-sight radios and multiplexers; electronic warfare (EW) and electronic counter-counter measure radio systems; military network communications equipment for voice, data, and video information; high speed protocol converters and modems.

Ultra Electronics Australia

12 Douglas Drive Technology Park
Mawson Lakes
South Australia 5095

Tel: +61 (0) 8 8169 1200
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Ultra Electronics Australia provides specialised electronic systems integration, and through-life support of Ultra Group capabilities in Australia and New Zealand. The core focus of the business is the design and manufacture of Electronic Warfare (EW) systems, complemented by specialised maritime/underwater warfare and communications support capabilities.


4868 East Park 30 Drive
Columbia City
Indiana 46725-8861

Tel: +1 260 248 3500
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USSI is a trusted supplier of active and passive sonobuoys; advanced autonomous sensor systems; acoustic hailing and voice projection equipment. It also designs and manufactures portable power solutions in the 50W - 300W range. Its solid oxide fuel cells run on propane and provide more power in less space than competing technologies.

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