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Group overview

The Ultra Electronics Group manages a wide range of specialist capabilities, generating highly-differentiated solutions and products in the Defence & Aerospace, Security & Cyber, Transport and Energy markets. We meet customer needs by applying electronic and software technologies in demanding environments and meeting critical requirements.

Ultra businesses innovate constantly to create solutions for customers – often through highly specialised, disruptive technological innovation – which are different from and better than those of the Group’s competitors. By applying these differentiated solutions to a wide range of international platforms and programmes, Ultra has built an exceptionally broad range of specialist capability areas. Where the Group has a number of complementary capabilities it can also combine these to offer wider solutions. Furthermore, the products, capabilities and the associated domain expertise uniquely position Ultra to be able to provide system and sub-system solutions. These solutions are underpinned by through-life management support offerings that ensure the capabilities are delivered and sustained in-service. The Group has an active programme of reinvestment of funds to strengthen its capabilities in its specialist markets

Ultra offers support to its customers through the design, delivery and support phases of a programme. Ultra’s businesses have a high degree of operational autonomy so that they provide exceptionally agile and responsive support to customers and partners normally associated with a smaller business. These benefits of customer focus and agility are augmented by the access to wider and complementary technology and expertise that lies elsewhere in the Group and by Ultra’s strong financial position. 

Ultra’s deep understanding of its specialist capability areas combined with knowledge of the customer environment is a key factor in delivering innovative solutions to meet customer needs.

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Defence & Aerospace 

Ultra supplies advanced electronic and electrical systems and equipment to defence forces around the world. The Group innovates to provide specialist capabilities that are superior to the threat and that are closely matched to the customer's environment and need. 

security & cyber
Security & Cyber

Driven by the actions of rogue states, terrorist groups and organised crime, governments worldwide are focusing expenditure preferentially on addressing these challenges. Both government functions and commercial enterprises are faced with threats from the cyber domain. Ultra provides highly-differentiated systems and capabilities to the broad security, intelligence and cyber market that meet these needs. Ultra has highly specialised capabilities in secure communications, networks and high-grade cryptographic equipment, key management systems and surveillance and intelligence gathering systems. 


Demand in all areas of mass transit is being driven by rising populations, nation building spurred on by rapid growth in the world’s developing economies and investment in ageing infrastructure in developed countries. Ultra provides specialist software, systems and equipment for use in mass passenger transport systems. This includes high integrity real-time controls for civil aircraft, advanced IT solutions for modern airports and trackside power equipment for transit rail systems. 

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Countries around the world are addressing the strategic need to have secure access to increasing amounts of low carbon energy. Ultra has a range of safety critical sensors and controls used in existing and new build nuclear reactors. The Group has innovative portable energy sources powered by readily available propane gas. Ultra also has specialist sensors, derived from defence applications, which are highly effective at hydrocarbon mapping in the underwater environment.


Ultra is constantly repositioning itself in growth sectors within its main Defence & Aerospace, Security & Cyber, Transport and Energy markets. The Group has demonstrated a long track record of identifying future growth market sectors and then investing to create differentiated positions in them. Ultra’s ever broadening range of specialist market positions and growing geographic reach gives significant resilience to Ultra’s financial performance and provides a solid platform for growth. 

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Geographic reach
Over the last two decades, Ultra has expanded and developed its international footprint. Whilst the Group’s core markets remain North America and the United Kingdom, it now has significant business in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific. Ultra has operations based in the countries shaded light blue on the map below and conducts business in the countries shaded in dark blue. 

world map showing Ultra's geographic reach

Ultra's customers
Ultra’s market position, together with its independence, allows the Group to work closely with the world’s prime contractors in its chosen markets, and to sell its wide portfolio of specialist capabilities to a broad range of customers around the world.

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